Sakaiminato on first glimpse seems like a normal, sleepy Japanese town but as you walk down the main road it all becomes clear. This is the place where Manga dreams are made, Fans flock from all over to visit famous Manga Artist, Mizuki Shigeru’s hometown. One hundred bronze statues depicting Mizuki’s characters line both sides of the street.

You can visit the Mizuki Shigeru museum, which has free English audio guides and rooms that re-create ancient Japan. Grab a yōkai stamp and guide booklet (¥100) from the tourist information office, adjacent to the ferry waiting room, to collect stamps from 37 stores next to some of the statues.

 I became someone who buys miniature figures and who now owns an eyeball with legs

The GeGeGe no Kitarō was a series created bu Shigeru in 1960, known for its popularization of the folklore creatures known as yõkai a class of spirit-monster which all of the main characters belong to. GeGeGe no Kitarō focuses on the young Kitarõ, the last survivor of the Ghost Tribe, his adventures with other ghouls and strange creatures of Japanese mythology. The characters include Medama-Oyaji (his father reincarnated as a eyeball!), Nezumi-Otoko (the rat-man), Neko-Musume (the cat-girl) and many other weirdand wonderful creatures.

Wandering the streets of Sakaiminato turns you into a big child, in fact, Japan generally does that. Suddenly i became someone who buys miniature figures and who now owns an eyeball with legs, sitting in a trinket dish on my desk!

Lunch was had here at cute little cafe, a short walk from the main area. For very little money we had four courses of steamed veg, roast pork bun, gyoza and some kind of sweet, stick to your teeth kind of dessert. It was delightful!

60, Taishomachi Sakaiminato-Shi, Tottori Japan 684-0004

Then Great Coffee at Kogane cafe to escape the rain!