I love the Caribbean, beautiful beaches with clear turquoise waters, but sometimes you just wanna skip the beach and get a dose of local history and culture. So heres a few fun and slightly boozy ideas for your day in Martinique.

Habitation clÉment

Visit Rum royalty, Habitation Clément. Set in forty acres of beautifully landscaped gardens, taste their delicious Rhum Agricole (the coconut rum is amazing!), tour the distillery, wander through the lush gardens and go back in time when you tour the main house, a traditional Creole home, historical monument and once residence of the Clément family

The distillery produces Rhum agricole and houses over two million litres. Most rum is made from molasses whilst this Rhum (a french word for sugar cane juice) is a natural, single ingredient product derived from the distillation of sugar cane juice. I can guarantee you wont leave here empty handed.

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Habitation belfort

Next up is visit to Habitation Belfort, a experience suitable for all ages. Belfort is a banana plantation located in the countryside of Le Lamentin, first off you will hop on board the little train (kids big and small will love this!) that takes you through the working banana fields, ending at the factory where you will See how the produce is prepared to go from field to grocer.

Your visit ends with the chance to sample some products, including the sweetest, most yummy banana you will ever taste! And a surprisingly delicious banana wine.

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